Funny Coronavirus Quotes And Coronavirus Jokes

Many people – the ones who aren’t sick, obviously – are beginning to try and see the funny side of the self-isolation, keeping people’s spirits up by laughing about new opportunities to drink more, work out less, text an ex and eat tonnes of snacks.

The grass is always greener
People with kids: you signed up for this. You know you did. Time to grin and bear it. You’ll be OK. They grow and change. Eventually. People without kids: just go back to your relaxing, uninterrupted, glorious self-care. Luxuriate. For the ones out there who can’t

Curtsies accepted, too
All right, who misses hugs? Just remember that by quarantining you are doing your part to keep everyone safe! The regular social etiquette practices no longer apply in the best interest of the greater good. It’s a big shift, but we can do it together. Check out our coronavirus guide with all the tips you need to keep your family safe and make the most of your time together.

It’s hard out there for a bug
It’s so important to shelter in place right now, so at least quarantining helps starve the mosquitoes! Everything you love (and hate) about warm weather life will eventually return. Actually, mosquitoes are a necessary part of the ecosystem because they help with pollination and provide food for fish. If you’ve ever wondered where all those pesky mosquitoes go when it’s cold, check out the reasons that you don’t see in mosquitoes throughout the winter.